Benedictine Monastery of Clausura

The Monastery of Palma de Lichtenberg was built between 1653 and 1659 at the behest of the daughter of the Duke Giulio Tomasi, Isabella. The place that was actually beginning the first ducal palace Tomasi family, who later became a monastery following the fervent desire of the young, still preserves the austerity and beauty of yesteryear. Inside beautiful wooden ceilings, a major shrine of solid silver, and the immense reliquary. The cloistered nuns who still live in the monastery, ancient recipes of the Leopard package the almonds, mentioned in the famous novel by Tomasi di Lampedusa. The place and the mystical and miraculous events that occurred hundreds of years ago in this place are reported accurately in the novel, the relics of the Blessed Corbera, pseudonym used by the writer to celebrate their founding ancestor of the monastery, Isabella Tomasi, are still preserved and venerated in the little church of the monastery, the stone that the devil throws the same woman is seen behind one of the gratings is also open to the visiting room with vaulted ceiling, the wheel and double gratings for conversations, still used as a means of communication between the nuns and the outside world.

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