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Castle of Naro

 The Castle of Naro, built in the fourteenth century by Chiaramonte and therefore also known as the "Castle Chiaramontano", stands atop a hill called anciently "Mount Agragante".
 The complex includes the walls with battlements, the square tower built by Frederick II of Aragon and the imposing mass of the male.
 On the west side of the tower was a walled shield aragonese while on the east side you can see two typical Gothic mullioned windows that illuminate the great "Prince Hall", located on the first floor of the tower.
 The entrance portal of the pointed arch is flanked by two rectangular bastions.
 The massive exterior walls are punctuated by two cylindrical towers and two towers.
 Inside the walls there is a large courtyard with a well in the center, beneath which is carved a large cistern that was sometimes used as a prison. The courtyard housed the accommodation of the garrison, the chapel and the stables, and also in case of Stem, offered refuge to local farmers.
 Among the interior, covered with barrel vaults, the show is remarkable, which is accessed from a fourteenth-century port, connected to the terrace embattled by a scale inserted in the wall thickness.
 The castle, declared a national monument in 1912, has been the subject of restoration with the dual purpose of preserving the building and place it in the local community.
 To this end, two levels of the south-east and the Aragonese Tower were used as a museum and the area south-west has been designed to accommodate a restoration workshop.

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