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Castle di Racalmuto - Agrigento


Castle Racalmuto

Racalmuto Castle was built during the Norman period and exactly in the barony of Malcovenant Robert, a Frenchman in the wake of King Roger of Altavilla. Then Frederick of Aragon transferred ownership of the castle and surrounding estate to Frederick II Chiaramonte. Just the Chiaramonte family was responsible for the initial expansion of the fortress became a majestic appearance.
The ancient village of Racalmuto of Saracen origin, was abandoned in 1300 following a plague and the current Racalmuto developed around the castle.

The castle is a clear example of military architecture of the Swabian period, with its trapezoidal towers with a circular base, the layout of the portal and secondary entrances, windows arranged without symmetry and imposing fa├žade walls two meters thick . The left tower has retained its original appearance while the right has been restored and a lookout. At the beginning of the twentieth century the castle was declared a national monument.



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