Cathedral, Crypt with Speakers, paintings Provenzani

It stands atop a dramatic staircase and was built between 1666 and 1703. The author of the project was probably the architect sculptor Jesuit Fra Angelo Italy. It has a basilica plan with three naves and a transept with a dome between the longitudinal walls at the sides and also has two speakers for a less crowded church services and dedicated to SS. Sacramento and the SS. Rosario. The imposing facade of tan-colored stone flanked by two bell towers stand-alone, does not correlate with either the interior or the urban environment, so modest in its building structures, but with the natural one due to its location on top of a hill in a dominant position enhanced by a grand staircase that forms the base of the figurative.
 The interior contains fine paintings by Domenico Provenzano, who was born in Palma and is considered one of the best students by Vito D'Anna. To observe the tomb of astronomer Giovanni Battista Odierna. Today's The breakdown spectroscopy as a scientist got the sun before Newton first described the fly's compound eye and the mechanism of the poisonous tooth of the viper.

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